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1.      General

2.      Forum

3.      Account Manager

4.      Games

4.1.       General

4.2.       Metin2

4.3.       World of Warcraft


Stand: 8. December 2017


1.    General

1.1.    A respectfil and friendly behaviour is a must. We won’t allow an agressive, offensive, violent, radical or racist behaviour or doings.

1.2.    Everything done here is in our free time. Some stuff can take a bit longer to fix or finish. We have a life, too.

1.3.    Websites with a different domain-adress don’t belong to this project. Accounts or items you loose through those sites won’t be supported.

1.4.    Private Messages should stay private. Private Messages should not be shared with 3rd parties. At least not without agreement from each other.

1.5.    Bugs are tob e reported immediately. Found bugs are tob e reported as soon as possible. Bug abusing can be a reason to ban your account.

2.    Forum

2.1.    Use the search function of the board. Search first. Maybe other people had the same problem as you. And could save you the time of writing.

2.2.    Choose the right forum. The board is divided into different sections. Choosing the right section can help you to receive an answer fast and team members can react faster!

2.3.    Finding the right thread topic. Describe your topic with a short title. Titles like „Help“ or „OMG“ won’t help anyone.

2.4.    Creating a post. Your post should fit into the topic. Not fitting posts are counted as spam and can result in a ban.

2.5.    Not allowed content in the forum, private messages or signature:

·         extreme politic or religious content

·         otherwise unacceptable content that is not listed here.

·         crime, pornographic, morally harmful to young people, offensive oder discriminating   content

·         Content that is to short, senseless, reappearing -> spam.

2.6.    No full quotes. Only quote parts of other post you want to answer to, not the whole post.


3.    Account Manager

3.1.    Your username. Your chosen username is displayed in the forum. To change the name later on is not possible. In the games you can choose your Character name freely

3.2.    Choose a strong password. Your password is used in all your accounts, so you should choose a strong password. No team member will ask you for your password.

3.3.    Only one account per user. For metin2 you can create up to 4 accounts.

3.4.    Use a real e-mail adress. Your account needs to be activated via confirmation-mail.

3.5.    Accoun trading/sharing/selling is not allowed. Accounts or ingame-content must not be sold.

3.6.    Points. All tips initiated are free of course. As a little thank you for supporting us you get Points which you can trade for items. Tips can’t be refunded.


4.    Games

4.1.  General

4.1.1. Team-Members are not tob e asked about items, level, skills or monster spawns. This can be punished with a ban.

4.2.  Metin2

4.2.1. Players under level 75 are not to be killed continuously („DK“).

4.2.2. In farming areas you have to take arrangements to share the bounty or the boss.

4.2.3. PvP at bosses is to be held to a minimum. Excluded from this rules are events held by the team (mob-spawns for example).